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Knowing is not enough: We must apply
Wishing is not enough: We must do

Spencer Institute

Grant Writing


We know how to raise needed funds by discovering how and where to look for potential funders who are a good match for your organisation. We also have networked and developed partnerships with a variety of funders and know how to put together a complete proposal package. 

We deal with non-profit organisations, schools, sporting organisations, and municipalities seeking grants from foundation, corporate, government, and individual donors.  

Research & Development.


Research and development are the innovative tasks that assess the current situation of an organisations products and service in order to develop strategies to improve and implement new products and services for the betterment of the organisation. Research identifies your organisations' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, where you sit on the marketing, how your product and/or service can be adapted to meet requirements of the market or grant application to give you the best possible chance of achieving your potential.


We can help you grow through research and development particularly with our experience in new product development at local to international development. Strategies must first identify what a company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Website Design


An effective website must

  • have a purpose and communicate this purpose effectively with quality copy

  • catch the attention of the visitor by being visually appealing, using      high-quality images that resonates with the viewer, projects your purpose, depicts your line of business (products/services) and be EASY to navigate

  • communicate your message quickly and effectively

  • integrate your social media

  • load quickly and easily

  • be mobile friendly.



Once you have undertaken your research and development to identify your current position, future achievable objectives, identified resources required and your competition in the market place you can then create a winning strategy. A strategy must have adequate checks and balances to ensure it is succeeding. Using our local through to international experience managing sales, marketing and distribution networks plus project management we can help you create a winning strategy.